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We love giving private walking and driving tours of the city. Fill out the form to the right and tell us about what you're looking for. We'll reach out to you within 24 hours to talk about the details and answer any questions you may have.

You can also call us at 412-253-7515

private tour pittsburgh

Explore the streets of Pittsburgh on foot with a private guide. Discover the city’s rich history and most interesting spots with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable local.

See and learn about sites like Pittsburgh’s former Wall Street, the world’s first all aluminum building, and America’s first modern movie theater.

1.5 hours

$85 total (1-4 people)
$120 total (5-9 people)
$150 total (10-15 people)
$180 total (16-20 people)

More than 20 people? Contact us for pricing.

Everything in the Downtown Walking Tour + we’ll take the Duquesne Incline up Mt. Washington for the best view in town, and explore the neighborhood of Oakland, including a visit to the Cathedral of Learning.

3 hours

Max Amount of People

$180 total (1-4 people)
$350 (5-7 people)

Everything in the Walking Tour and Combo Tour + we’ll drive through the old Heinz factory, go up the steepest public street in America, explore the former richest neighborhood in the world, and see Mr. Roger’s home and Andy Warhol’s childhood home.

4 hours

Max Amount of People

$240 total (1-4 people)
$420 total (5-27 people)


  • Pick up and drop off at the location of your choice
  • Vehicular transportation

Not Included:

  • Round trip ticket for Duquesne Incline ($5/person)
  • Food
things to do in downtown pittsburgh
- private tour of pittsburgh -

Sample Private Tour

You'll ride America’s longest continuously running incline up Mt. Washington and take in the best views of the city.

You'll see the house Andy Warhol grew up in and while speaking Pittsburghese “so yinz can fit in n’at.”

You'll walk down Pittsburgh’s abandoned Wall Street, which once rivaled New York City’s.

private tour of pittsburgh

You’ll stroll through the Cultural District and check out the boutique shops, trendy restaurants and revitalized theaters.

You’ll stand on the site of a French fort from the 1750’s that George Washington captured.

You’ll rive up the steepest public street in the U.S. and look out from the top of the Cathedral of Learning, the tallest educational building in the Western hemisphere.

You’ll visit the old Heinz Factory while learning about Pittsburgh’s rich history. You’ll hear how Pittsburgh became the “Steel City,” about legendary Pittsburghers like Andrew Carnegie and George Westinghouse, and how the Pittsburgh Renaissance transformed Pittsburgh from the “Smoky City” into “America’s Most Livable City.”

You’ll be taken through some of Pittsburgh’s unique neighborhoods, from the historic downtown to the North Side, Mt. Washington, Strip District, Oakland and more.

- private tour of pittsburgh -

Reasons to Choose a Private Tour

Individual Attention

Ask questions and interact with your guide in a more relaxed environment. Private tours are more of an interactive experience.

Driving Option

Explore much more of the city than you would be able to only on foot. Pickup and drop off at your hotel is available. Max 4 guests.

Customize Your Tour

If you want to explore in depth a certain aspect or area of Pittsburgh, then this is your chance. Our private tours are customizable.

Go At Your Own Pace

Have as much time as you want to take in the more interesting sights you come across. Take a break when you want, however many times you want.

So, I grew up in a suburb of Pittsburgh and thought I knew the city. Russel helped me to discover new reasons to move and miss Pittsburgh. (I now live in Scottsdale, AZ). He is open to answering questions and exploring ideas you have from seeing the greatness of this city. Check this tour our, tip him well...crafts like this is what makes this country and city GREAT! Have fun!

Anita L.Scottsdale, AZ

On our first trip to Pittsburgh we found this tour and jumped at the opportunity at a guided tour of the city! We met Russell and walked through the business district for an hour and learned about some of the history, development and architecture of the area. Proceeded to a three hour driving tour and visited the Strip District, Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh University, Oakland and took a trip up one of the inclines. Russell was a fantastic guide. He offered many historical and interesting facts about the early and current days living in Pittsburgh. I recommend this tour to anyone wanting a thorough tour of the city. Thanks again to Russell.

Cori S.Toronto, Canada

Was surprised at first to find a free or “pay what you can” tour for my fiancé and I. This was such an awesome experience and gave us more than enough knowledge to walk away with. Saw some of the oldest and historic places in DT and dove into the true spirit of Pittsburgh. Duration of the tour was perfect as well. I would definitely recommend for anyone in the area looking for any type of tour! Russell was very professional and informative the entire time! 10 of 10 would recommend!

Bryce S.
Bryce S.Raleigh, North Carolina

This tour was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. If you're looking for a comprehensive Pittsburgh experience then look no further! Russell is knowledgeable and passionate. I especially appreciated the thoughtful answers he gave to all my questions! 10/10 would do again.

Stephanie L.Burke, Virginia

This 90-minute walking tour is informative, fun, and a perfect thing to do if you want to get to know this interesting city a bit more. Russell kept the energy up, provided a history lesson, included many fun facts, and took me past many buildings and sights I would have otherwise ignored. A perfect introduction to Pittsburgh. Thank you Russell!

Amelia M.Baden, Switzerland

Russell has given me an unforgettable time in Pittsburg. I enjoyed the best views, learned a lot about Pittsburg, saw great places, waved Amish and visited the wonderful Fallingwater. I can only recommend his tours to everyone that is planning to visit Pittsburgh. Ask for an individual tour, especially if you have little time and would like to see as many as you can. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks Russell for the great days and beautiful music

Nikola M.Frankfurt, Germany

What a brilliant tour guide! Never done one of these and we were in such capable hands. Our guide was so knowledgeable and easy to listen to, you could tell the passion was true. Would thouroughly recommend to anyone visiting Pittsburgh; this tour is a must

Rob S.London

Having never been to Pittsburgh, I was hoping to find an experience where I’d get the most bang for my buck-luckily, Free Pittsburgh Tours delivered! The tour guide was knowledgeable, quirky, and totally entertaining. He was also flexible to the personal needs of the group, which was greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend this tour for any age group wanting to see Pittsburgh from a different point of view!!

Katelyn V.Colorado